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Beeswax Candle


Note: This candle weighs ~1 oz. and measures ~1.75” by ~1.5”. Each candle is hand-poured so there will be imperfections in each candle. No two candles will be identical. There will also be coloration differences due to the use of an all-natural materials.

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This all-natural candle is made with Beeswax and looks like bees flying around honey pot! Beeswax gives off a naturally sweet smell when burned and this candle has a small amount of cinnamon essential oil to add a little something extra! Not only are beeswax candles a healthier option for burning indoors, new studies are showing that burning beeswax can actually purify the air in the room where the candle is being burned! There is nothing like the smell of a natural beeswax candle burning! Sit back, relax and enjoy the natural aroma!


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