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At Native Wise LLC, we have a passion for Conservation. Our goal is to provide Products that are beneficial to our local ecosystem as well as to our Community.

“I am a Carpenter with Arthritis and I have no choice but to work with my hands everyday even with the pain. Your CBD Balm is the only thing that has helped me not only to be able to fully open and close my hands but to do it without pain.”

-Alvin Hilstrom

“I use your CBD Balm everyday on my surgical scars. It relieves the pain and softens the skin of my scar tissue. I am a two time breast cancer survivor and have not had anything work so well.”

-Susan Christenson

“Everything is so stressful right now with this Pandemic. Your Products are really helping me get through it by reducing my anxiety on a daily basis.”

-Maureen Rivera

” I had never tried Wild Rice before in my life and now that I have tried your Wild Rice I will never eat any other rice out there!”

-Evan Ghergich

“I had never tried CBD before but I tried your 10mg Gummies and was shocked at how it reduced my anxiety. I now use them regularly to take the edge off and control my stress level.”

-Tiffany Shabaiash

” I put your honey on everything, I eat it on toast and in my morning Tea”

-Jesse Quick

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