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Mino Mashkiki – Good Medicine

Our name comes from our grandmother’s teachings, Mino Mashkiki, meaning Good Medicine. We are a Native owned and operated business. Our farm is focused on soil health, we strive to farm in a way that reduces negative impacts to the ecosystem in which we live and farm. All of our Products are planted and or harvested by hand with the help of our family and community.  As we have grown, we are now partnering with other like minded agricultural producers in order to ensure product availability to our growing customer base. We prioritize working with other Native owned or operated businesses, as well as those that have an emphasis on small scale, hand harvested and all natural growing techniques from start to finish

Our History

Our ancestors traveled to this area in search of the “food that grows on water” or the wild rice native to Minnesota. They became some of the very first agriculturalists on the land that we now live and farm. We were taught by our grandmother to gather local plants to make natural medicines. This includes food medicines such as wild rice, maple sap, berries etc. as well as herbal medicines for a wide variety of ailments.

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