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Spirit Horse Tote


Head to your local farmers market in style. Our latest Market Tote is made from the same sturdy canvas that we love for a Market Tote and features the beautiful Ojibwe Spirit Horse! The design is based on our own Ojibwe Spirit Horse named Shy Boy! Shy Boy lives on Dancing Crane Ranch and is an ambassador for his breed.

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The Ojibwe Spirit Horse is critically endangered with only 200 remaining in the world. The Spirit Horse is unique to all other horses with unique tufts of hair in their ears and a nostril flap that allows them to survive and thrive in extremely cold climates. They are an intrical part of Ojibwe history and culture. This beautiful horse would travel with Ojibwe people and assist with hauling and day to day activities. The Ojibwe people have a special connection to the Spirit Horse and according to their oral traditions, these horses have always been with them, they did not arrive at the time of colonization. These beautiful horses offer a soulful connection unmatched by other horses and quickly become a part of your family and your heart. All money received from the sale of these totes will go back into the care of these amazing creatures. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy this beautiful Tote as much as we do!

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