300mg CBD Tincture in Cinnamon

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This is a 300mg CBD Tincture made with and MCT oil base with Cinnamon essential oils for flavoring. This is a Full Spectrum CBD oil and is guaranteed 0.3% THC or less. Our CBD oil is grown organically on our family farm in Sawyer, MN. We plant, manage and harvest our organic CBD hemp seeds by hand. All of our CBD hemp plants are hand dried and cured before processing and because we only use organic inputs our oil is free of any unwanted chemicals or additives. We use best management farming practices throughout our operation to ensure that we are not only producing a high quality agricultural crop, but also growing everything in a sustainable way that respects the ecosystem in which we farm and live. We plant companion plants throughout our hemp operation to maintain soil health and encourage pollinator habitat. We strive to incorporate our children and extended family into all aspects of our farm operation and we incorporate knowledge passed down through the generations into our farming techniques. Our passion is to create the highest quality product in a way that honors the earth, our family and our cultural heritage.